We help you determine if an executive is a good candidate for relocation to Toronto. The executive may be a strong candidate for the job, but not for relocation.


We deliver:

  • An evaluation of the executive and their family's 'readiness-to-move' as part of the hiring processes

  • A report which includes a plan for a successful integration



Your new executive needs to be introduced to Toronto so they can get excited about their move and know what to expect.


Let us take your executive and their family on a tour of the city. We can customize an experience that is right for them.



We work alongside existing relocation agencies to fill in any missing gaps.

We deliver help with:

  • Accommodation

  • City and Neighbourhood Orientation

  • Government and Financial Services

  • Healthcare & Dental needs



One year of personalized support can make the difference between success and failure.


If the executive and their family are properly settled then they are more likely to become an effective, high functioning contributor to your team.

We help the executive and their family with:​

  • Education services

  • Lifestyle services

  • Seasonal needs & activities

  • Local amenities

  • Religious institutions

  • Extra curricular activities



We help the executive and their entire family understand local cultural differences and get new relationships off to the right start.​


We provide training and ongoing coaching to help with:

  • Understanding culture

  • Intercultural strategies and tools

  • Business & social etiquette and protocol

  • Culture shock

  • Transition process

  • Country and city guides and information



Many spouses have made career sacrifices to move, leaving their employers and jobs behind.

Our life and executive coaches provide help with:

  • Career coaching

  • Local industry knowledge

  • Local connections

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